Destiny 2 Guide: How To Get Xenophago, Shadowkeep’s Exotic Machine Gun

The Xenophagus is a new exceptional machine gun from Destiny 2 raid carry, for which you must have the Shadow Bastion payment expansion, and in this guide we will explain the steps to follow to get it.

It is a heavy weapon with sun damage whose intrinsic advantage is pyrotoxin ammunition, which allows it to fire high-powered explosive ammunition. At the end of the guide we include a video of Daykyri for clarity, especially to see well certain steps that perhaps are complicated to explain in text.

Steps to get the Xenophage machine gun

Here you have all the steps of the exceptional adventure to get the Xenophagus machine gun:

  • Go to the room where Eris is usually, which overlooks the pyramid buried under the moon. To do this, cross the portal next to Eris’ post on the Moon (the portal opens when you complete Eris’ weekly mission). You can also reach the same room by entering the Scarlet Bastion, located in the Port of Lamentations.
  • When you arrive at the Eris Estancia you will have to interact with the four statues located there. There are two on the left wall and another two on the right. As you enter, the order in which you have to activate them is: front right, back left, front left and finally back right. If you do it right, a chest will appear that will give you the exceptional adventure step of Emergence.
  • In the next step you must go to the Moonlight Anchor zone and light six altars. To do this you must first take a ball of light and then find and light the altars with it in a certain order. To watch this step, it is best to go to minute 1:38 of the video at the end of this guide.
  • Now you have to collect four fragments hidden in each of the lost sectors of the Moon. After completing a lost sector you will have to solve a riddle formed by a series of runes that will appear on a wall, which means that in total you will have to solve four of these riddles, one for each lost sector. The objective is always to make all the symbols equal and to change them we will have to shoot them.
  • The solution to each of the riddles is the following. Shoot the symbol in each of the positions listed below and in this order. When you solve each puzzle, a chest will appear with the fragment to be collected:
  • 1. Lost sector of the Archer’s Line: upper left, lower left, center, center right.
  • 2. Lost Sector of Port of Lamentations: center right, center left, center, center, center left, center up, center down, center.
  • 3. Lost Sector of Boca del Infierno: up right, center left, center, down center, down right, down right, down center, down center.
  • 4. Lost sector of Anchor of Light: down left, down right, up center, up center.
  • Once you have the four fragments in your possession, you must speak again with Eris so that she can give you the necessary adventure that will allow you to unlock a new dungeon called the Heresy Pit. In this case the adventure will ask you to go to the Port of Lamentations where you will have to carry out two steps: open a chest of level 3 or higher by participating in the activity Altars of Pain on one side and defeat 20 nightmares in that activity on the other. Once this adventure is completed, return with Eris and the new dungeon will be unlocked.
  • With this dungeon already available on the map, go to it and complete it. There are several steps that are somewhat complicated to explain in writing, so in this case it is best to watch the video from minute 5:40. Be aware that the final boss, a wizard, has a 980 power level.
  • Once the dungeon is completed, go back to Eris and when you talk to her she will give you the Xenophagus.

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