PC versus console: 7 reasons for each option

To get the most out of your computer game, you need to decide whether to use a PC or a console. With what will immersion in this fascinating world be brighter, more impressive, convenient? Each of the options has advantages, so it is worth weighing the arguments, evaluating the functionality, taking into account your own preferences and tastes.

Console Features: Pros, Cons

The merits and demerits of using consoles in comparison with gaming PCs are now heatedly debated. But even ardent supporters of computers cannot refute the fact that when using a set-top box, there will be no need for additional costs for its equipment. For example, in the next 5 years, you will not need a new video card, which, when working on a PC, will use up its resource in 2 years. In addition, there are a number of other important benefits:

  1. Fans of games on the console point to the affordable price compared to the PC. Especially considering the constant rise in prices for video cards;
  2. Optimization. Games for consoles are already optimized and you don’t have to think about whether the hardware can handle this or that game;
  3. Exclusives. Many of the gaming masterpieces are not released for the computer. When choosing which is better a console or a PC, this is important to consider;

Disadvantages of consoles are as follows:

  • Switching to console games after a PC is quite difficult due to the control features: the force of habit will not allow you to quickly “switch” from the keyboard to the joystick.
  • Functionality: on the console you will not be able to edit a video, edit a photo or make a website. The console is a device exclusively for gaming.

PC features: pros, cons

For a whole range of parameters, computers will never be inferior to gaming consoles in terms of functionality, ease of use, innovation, flexibility in management, configuration with the ability to improve operating parameters and support for old games.

Advantages of computers:

  1. Choosing between a computer or a console, for many, the most important advantage of the first option is the ability to increase productivity.
  2. Convenience and functionality of the device. If, for example, you need to type text on a console or PC, then the choice is already obvious. The same situation is with surfing the Internet.
  3. The ability to remotely access the game. On the console, this functionality is available only with a special adapter.

Disadvantages of a PC:

  • Overall dimensions (it won’t be easy to take a computer with you, unlike a console).
  • The complexity of the assembly.

So buy: console or PC

To decide which is better: a game console or a computer, you should focus on personal preferences, desires and tastes. For some, games are an opportunity to have a good time and escape from work, for others – a real passion. The consoles are ideal for gamers who have an LCD TV that supports HD and higher. 4K or Ultra HD resolution is becoming popular now, which supports PS4 Pro. Gaming gadgets are transportable, have a large supply of graphics power, and make it possible to use multiple users at once.

And if, choosing between a console or a computer, the preference lies in versatility, multi functionality, the ability to run even old, but still popular games (like “Heroes 2”), a PC will do. In addition, PC gamers note the high quality of the picture, the absence of a 30 frames per second limit; among consoles, only top-end versions like PS4 PRO or Xbox One X support such parameters. Also, if strategies are preferred, then the console will definitely not work.

To simplify the task of choosing between a PC and a console, the table below summarizes the main selection criteria.

It is worth choosing based on your own tastes and preferences. Some do not like to use many gadgets and prefer to invest in a powerful gaming computer, others are attracted by exclusive games and ease of use of consoles. Everything is individual, so you can only decide based on practice.

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