The 10 most popular open world games on sony playstation 4 and more

A huge detailed world and intriguing plots coupled with cool gameplay can make a day fly by unnoticed. This collection contains the 10 best game projects. Among them are exclusives for the Sony PlayStation 4 console, as well as games for other platforms that can catch even a seasoned gamer.


Drama, action, realism, semantic load and a huge thoughtful world – it’s not for nothing that many gamers speak well of this game. The 2018 exclusive for PS4 already has an army of loyal fans around the world. Fans of action-packed quests will go through it again and again to explore options for endings from a happy ending to a psychological thriller.

The creators of the game on the PS4 console send the gamer to 2038, where androids do all the routine work. On the one hand, this is a significant technological breakthrough, but on the other, everything is not so rosy. Among androids, deviants appear – robots with human emotions who do not want to put up with the role of soulless machines assigned to them. This turn becomes the reason for the beginning of the struggle.

Key Features:

  • Freedom of Action: Decisions must be made that affect both the game’s plot and the ending.
  • Stunning detail: not only the main picture is taken into account, but also the background. For example, media outlets publish news about what is happening in newspapers and broadcast on TV.
  • The gamer will also have to be careful to find useful evidence. Ignoring conversations is also not recommended: you can miss out on valuable information.


The first part of “Watchdogs” from Ubisoft, despite mixed reviews, became a hit. And the anticipation of the sequel was quite predictable. The developers of the action took into account the criticism of Part 1: they eliminated the flaws and presented a very impressive product. That’s why the game got into the rating of the best open world projects.

What attracts:

  1. Gripping storyline. In the first part, the topic of hackers was touched upon superficially, but in this story it is taken as a basis. The main character is a young hacker who, due to an error in City OS, was included in the list of possible repeat offenders. This situation seemed insulting to him: he decided to fight corporations that use personal information of citizens against themselves, joining a hacker group.
  2. Attention to detail: in the gaming space there is an analogue of Google, Uber, Facebook and Skynet. There are even such trifles as comments on Instagram, the need to install applications on a smartphone.
  3. Complex tasks that must be completed in several stages: it may seem boring at first glance, but the impressive variety, original presentation and variability of the passage do their job.
  4. Multiplatform: you can play both on consoles and on a computer. True, the characteristics of a PC should be better than that of office models.


It’s not in vain that the masterpiece from Rockstar entered the top 10 free world games that go to the PS4 game console. This action-adventure is implemented in the best western traditions. The central character is the coolest shooter of the famous series of gang robberies, which has entered a difficult period.

Why it is advised to play:

  1. Characters are not stupid NPCs: they have developed habits and personalities.
  2. The creators have successfully demonstrated the cruel scenes and unhurried pace of life typical of that era.
  3. Although 50% of the gameplay is movement, the scenery is great. Routine only allows you to dive deeper into the atmosphere: elaborate details like cooking over a fire, caring for horses and weapons – all this is a must. You will also have to shoot from the heart.
  4. Shooting and weapons – adjusted for the 19th century. The mechanics correspond to the event: it is easier to shoot back from a dozen opponents while sitting in ambush than from a couple of enemies while riding.
  5. It is impossible to know in advance where the quest leads : even after a familiar turn, various “surprises” may appear.


Another sensational hit from RockStar in the action adventure genre is not without reason included in the list of the best open world projects: here it is huge.

Why is it recommended to play:

  • The main role is played by 3 completely different characters with their own habits, lifestyle and charisma. All of them are robbers, who, moreover, are simultaneously fighting organized crime and opposing law enforcement agencies.
  • During the game, the gamer controls the selected character in 1 or 3 person mode.
  • The ability to switch characters both during missions and outside them.
  • Freedom of action: the character can move freely both on foot and in purchased or stolen vehicles, go to the gym and shop, tatusalon.
  • Online mode allows you to use up to 30 users simultaneously. Both cooperative and competitive missions are offered.
  • The project goes to different platforms: consoles, gaming computers.


The role-playing game was created based on the novel series of the same name. You can play both on PC and PlayStation 4, as well as the first Xbox. The project became a logical continuation of the first parts: this is the final part of the trilogy.

Reasons why the game was included in the rating:

  • Rich plot. The events take place in a fictional world with a reference to the Middle Ages. The main character must find a girl who has supernatural powers – Ciri.
  • The open world is striking in scale and realism: walking or horseback riding in the area allows you to appreciate the beauty of the scenery. Physics does not lag behind the level of graphics, the height of which is impressive, which explains the positive feedback from the players.
  • NPCs are well designed.
  • Variety and freedom of action: three options for the ending, epilogue and separate interactive tasks. The epilogue option depends on the decisions of the gamer.

About gameplay and weapons

  1. The main part of the plot the gamer controls the Witcher, who during the campaign talks to the NPC and goes through a variety of missions, which are mostly associated with hunting monsters and finding treasures.
  2. The Witcher uses 2 swords in battles: one for fighting people, and the second for fighting monsters. In the arsenal of the protagonist there are various bombs and a crossbow. You can prepare potions for obtaining special skills, increasing characteristics. The ingredients will have to be mined. You can also use five magic symbols: each of them affects the enemy in its own way.
  3. Tactics are important: the opponent’s weak points can be found in the reference book.
  4. Sometimes you can take control of Ciri. During this time, many of the items available when playing The Witcher are inactive. But the girl’s abilities become available, for example, the ability to teleport.

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