The 10 most popular open world games on sony playstation 4 Part 2


This action-adventure game is exclusive to Sony consoles and is now only available to PS4 Slim and Pro owners. Despite the fact that the plot of the project is not related to comics, it turned out to be very exciting, and therefore entered the top of the best free world games.

Features and parameters:

  • The action takes place in New York eight years after the key character received his superpowers. It all starts with the fact that the main character assists in the arrest of Wilson Fisk and this event provokes a gang war.
  • Immerse yourself in the Marvel Universe: there are Tony Stark costumes, the Avengers Tower, and other references.
  • The graphics and cut scenes are amazing, including the transition from cutscenes to gameplay.
  • The level of animation in comparison with the previous parts has increased significantly.
  • You will have to play not only for Spiderman, but also for Peter and Mary Jane.
  • The narrative in the game is quite measured, which makes it possible to get to know the characters better.


For fans of the series and fans of action adventure in general, this product will be a worthy collection item. The top game can be installed on consoles such as PS4 and Xbox 1, as well as on a gaming PC.

The protagonist is a pirate, a participant in a conspiracy between the Templars who occupy high positions in the British and Spanish empires. He becomes an unwitting participant in a chain of intrigues and bloody conflicts when he kills a swindler-assassin and attempts to settle everything.

The best qualities and features of the game:

  • A huge open world: there are as many as fifty main locations, and they are all worked out perfectly.
  • They paid special attention to naval battles, as well as ship classes (you can customize your own). You can also recruit a ship crew and rob ships, hunt whales and look for treasure on sunken ships.
  • Bright and unpredictable gameplay: random generation of various situations is available.


A worthy exclusive in the genre of action, developed specifically for PS4, takes the gamer to Seattle, where the main character, Delsin Rowe, is able to adopt other people’s superpowers. The government is not delighted with such a force, therefore it decides to declare a hunt for Delsin and those like him. But the guy does not give up: he decides to accept the Department’s challenge and show what he is capable of.

Why in the ranking of the best open world projects:

  1. A high level of detail, which is especially noticeable in the drawing of streets and avenues taken from a real-life area.
  2. The unique abilities of the main and other important characters make the battle scenes even more colorful, and in general it is worth noting the high level of visualization. As with other games, a good monitor will make your gameplay more enjoyable.
  3. Even simple observation of the main characters is a lot of fun. One could find fault with the awkward performance of parkour in some moments. But on the other hand, it only adds a touch of humor to the game.


This Action / RPG is exciting. A game for those who are ready to go on their “last” but exciting journey. In short, the main character needs to return to the rightful thrones of the lords of ash. Then he can absorb their power. In this game, everything is not as it seems at first glance: it will not work to predict what consequences the hero’s actions will entail.

Why in the top game projects with the free world:

  • Large-scale “labyrinths” of the area, where it is so easy to get lost. Tiny dungeons and cozy meadows are a thing of the past. In search of caches and hidden paths, you will have to explore every corner and knock your sword on every pebble that seems suspicious.
  • Thanks to a deeper set of starting classes, any equipment benefits from the very beginning.
  • Massive attacks from enemies will not give even the most inveterate defensive style lovers a break – you will have to learn how to counterattack.
  • Both the owners of consoles (Xbox 1, PS4 Pro and slim versions) and computers can enjoy the game.


An exclusive game project for the fourth Sony PlayStation, created in the best traditions of Action / RPG, invites the user to plunge into the world after the apocalypse. Now it is not people who dominate, but dinosaur-like robots, which actively continue to destroy the once familiar world. The main character is a lonely warrior who is trying to prevent new “masters”.

Why the game is good :

  1. The original open world is beautiful: stunning detail and astounding scale have received a lot of positive reviews.
  2. The project will not let you get bored with the monotony and make you think. Defeating the enemy is not so easy: you will have to try different combat strategies in order to achieve results.
  3. The virtual world is really addictive, whether it be the main missions or the exploration of the area in moments of calm, which happens quite rarely.

A huge world, freedom of action that affects the plot – all this is about the games that were included in the top of the best projects for the fourth series of game consoles from Sony. It’s a pleasure to play any game, because their physics and graphics are amazing. What to put yourself first is up to the gamer to decide. Although the owners of PCs and consoles of other brands are a little more limited in their choice, finding a cool game will definitely work: there are many multiplatform projects in the rating.

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