Top best games 2018-2019 – 2

Detroit: Become Human

A realistic game filled with drama and action, as well as reflections on the topic: “What if androids are not really robots, or even not robots at all?” In short, the plot is as follows: in 2038, androids “took over” all the routine work that people used to do. Robots serve restaurants, work as couriers, and monitor houses. And it seems like what could be better? But among androids, devinats appear – robots that have human senses. A fight is being waged with them.

The game promised to be non-standard even in the announcements. As a result, the exclusive novelty of 2018 for PS4 consoles has exactly met the expectations of fans of action-packed quests, which is confirmed by reviews.

The game is considered one of the best due to not only the realistic physics and graphics, but also the emotional stress.

Why is it good:

  • At almost every moment of the game, the user has a choice, on which not only the ending depends, but also the plot itself. For example, you can allow a minor character to die and thus “cut out” a significant portion of the storyline. The chain of events also depends on the actions of the player.
  • Working out the details. It’s not only about the stunning graphics, but also about the background. For example, news about the situation in the city can be learned from newspapers and TV programs that catch your eye during the game.
  • Game developers demand attention to detail from the gamer as well. For example, the protagonist can discover subtle clues if he looks closely. Dialogues are also not worth skipping: they may contain important information that can facilitate the passage.


Action straight from the Marvel universe. The sensational story about Spider-Man from the comics has moved to the fourth console Sony PlayStation . However, it is not recommended to expect a connection with the plot: this is an alternative history of Spider-Man.

Days gone

For those who love adventure in the vastness of the post-apocalyptic space, it is recommended. Zombies, a non-linear storyline, lots of interesting tasks and a special atmosphere – this is the secret of the popularity of the game, expected in April 2019, and the reason why it made it to the list of the best exclusives on Sony PlayStation 4.

Why it is advised to play:

  • A variety of interaction mechanics that are typical for projects with a large-scale open world.
  • Unlike the 2016 version, here the hero will have to not only fight zombies, but also survive in the open world. Change of weather, hungry wolves, animals susceptible to infection by a pandemic – all this gives the hero a lot of trouble, but makes the passage more exciting.
  • Pluses are added by indirect control of zombies (they can be forced to fight with each other) and different options for passing scenes. There are other nice little things that allow you to enjoy the gameplay at 100%.

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