Top best games 2018-2019: the main exclusives for ps4 + universal games

Owners of PS4 consoles feel like they are a little better than everyone else on Earth. Indeed, for this console, exclusives are regularly released that not only justify, but also exceed the expectations of many gamers.

Fans of action games and shooters, as well as other genres, always have something to profit from.

2018 was no exception, and 2019 will not be. However, by this time the owners of consoles from other manufacturers, as well as the owners of gaming laptops and PCs, were not offended. A full overview of the latest released and even upcoming games for PS4 and other platforms is below.

PS4 exclusives

This section presents the 5 most anticipated gamers, stunning graphics 2018 new products that are only suitable for the PS4 console. Action, post-apocalyptic and other stories – most of them have more than met the expectations of gamers.

God of war

A masterpiece worthy of a collection of action-adventure fans, which was “born” by SIE Santa Monica Studio on April 20, 2018, and has already won the title of “Game of the Year” at The Game Awards 2018. The goal of the game is to fulfill the last will dead lover. On the way of the main character, Kratos, there are many obstacles that he overcomes in his usual manner.

Why did I get into the rating of the best games on PS4:

  1. Kratos has become more “alive”: character, motivation – everything worked out wonderfully well. The hero is still harsh, and his dialogues with his son are the height of pedagogy. By the way, the little son does not just run around, but helps his father to complete missions.
  2. Accidental deaths have been minimized: they are now contextual actions. And the whole gameplay has become more thoughtful.
  3. Many fans of the series will appreciate Kratos’ new weapon. This is a rune ax that can be used as a boomerang, freeze an enemy with it, and much more. In addition, the ax has many options for pumping: it has three slots for runes, active and passive.
  4. In general, the number of levels for pumping skills has increased: now each skill has a whole branch. Plus, for a full pumping of each skill, you can get a bonus.
  5. The creators did not deprive the attention of the secondary characters: they are worked out in almost the same way as the main character.

The last of us 2

Continuation of the dramatic story from the post-apocalyptic world from Naughty Dog. Even from the announcement, this game was impatient, and now those who managed to play the first part are looking forward to the new exclusive. It seems that it is she who is able to force the owners of the PS3 to change the console to PS4.

Interestingly in this PlayStation 4 in the kit is already 2 games – the first part of The Last of Us and DriveClub.

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