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KillZone: Shadow Fall

Legendary first-person shooter about space travel and planetary conquest. The plot of Shadow Fall begins thirty years after the events of Part 3. The Helghast planet has fallen into ruins, but the war is still going on, and while the people are trying with all their might to maintain existence, the Vektans start a new battle.

The shooter fell in love with gamers and critics, and also became a frequent object of recommendations and a real “must have”, because:

  1. the image in the game is impressive: every detail is drawn perfectly;
  2. many interesting missions.

But there is also something to complain about:

  1. the plot of the game is not fully thought out, events follow each other too quickly, preventing the player from feeling what is happening;
  2. the same is the case with the characters: they are not very interesting, it is difficult to get hold of them.

Ratchet & Clank PS4

A space series of games that has existed since 2002 and has a huge fanbase, Ratchet & Clank introduced a new part of its history in 2016. The player is invited to join the exciting and incredible adventures of the main characters of Lombax Ratchet and his robo-friend Clank, trying to save the Universe from the destruction that Chairman Drek is about to cause.

PlayStation arcade has something to love for:

  1. the graphics are surprising in their clarity – it seems as if you are watching a Disney cartoon;
  2. powerful action-packed battle scenes;
  3. each level surprises with its thoughtfulness and engages in an interesting plot.

Minus: With all the perfect image, the game on Sony PlayStation only supports 30 FPS, which is felt during gameplay, making the picture less smooth.


Racing to the next level. DriveClub is not just about driving a racing car: the simulator gives the gamer a feel for all aspects of the competition, be part of a well-coordinated team, and feel strong competition. And the multiplayer mode makes the pastime with friends more interesting several times: it is easy to spend the whole evening playing the game.

Benefits of playing for PS4:

  1. excellent physics of cars;
  2. various tracks;
  3. a large selection of cars;
  4. multiplayer – playing on PS4 for two makes the gameplay even more exciting.

But the lack of a career mode makes DriveClub more colorful, but one-time entertainment, than a game to which you want to return again and again.

The presented rating of games for PS4 is a real map for both a novice gamer and an experienced player looking for something to hack into after completing another game. While passing any position from the list, you can get real pleasure, dissolve in the atmosphere and spend a few hours pleasantly exploring the fictional world.

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