Top best ps4 games: hits worth buying a console for

Immediately after its release in 2013, PS4 instantly captured the hearts of fans around the world. The main factor that influenced the success of the fourth “Sonya” was the games specially prepared for the release of the new game console.

The Best PS4 games

Why was any gamer so excited about the PS4? Of course, real fans were eagerly awaiting the opportunity to chop into the games announced for the console. But now, when time has passed since the release of the console, is it relevant to purchase the fourth PlayStation? The answer lies in this article, which lists the best PS4 games from Sony. Continuations of cult episodes, original plots, reimagined legendary titles – all this is discussed further.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

The plot of this exclusive PS 4 game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, where humans are no longer at the top of the food chain, and the dominance now belongs to dinosaur-like robots that are increasingly destroying the familiar world. The main character – Aloy – single-handedly goes on the warpath with robots, trying to stop their destructive power.

Benefits of playing on the Sony PS4 console:

  • huge and original world;
  • opponents who are difficult to defeat;
  • exciting plot;
  • the ability to use different strategies during battles.

The disadvantage of the game is the ill-conceivedness of the secondary heroes, both positive and negative.

Uncharted 4

In the fourth action-adventure game that concludes the series, Nathan Drake returns to the complex underworld in search of new treasures. The hero accepts the offer of his brother, with whom he goes to find treasures in Libertalia, a pirate country hidden from the eyes of the inhabitants in the jungles of Madagascar.

Why is it worth playing?

  1. An excellent conclusion to the series, which should be seen by everyone who is familiar with the previous installments;
  2. Great graphics;
  3. The player is given almost complete freedom both during battles and in the process of exploring the game world.

Some plot twists seem to be not fully thought out, strange and naive, but imbued with the atmosphere of the game completely, you stop noticing it. All attention is paid to spectacular battles and the study of the world.

Heavy rain

An interactive action-adventure movie in dark colors. A challenging psychological thriller tells the story of a city exhausted by the horrific antics of the mysterious assassin, the Origami Master. The main character is ready to fight him back, now the fate of the city is only in his hands.

Benefits of “dark” action:

  1. Stunning interactive – the gamer completely controls the course of the game;
  2. Incredible level of quality graphics and effects;
  3. A plot that allows you to completely dissolve in the events.

The weak point of the game was the animation of the characters’ movements, it looks a bit wooden. But after 10 minutes of gameplay, the user is so imbued with the atmosphere that he stops noticing it.

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